What we stand for?

This school is being run by Agnel Ashram Fathers, a group of Catholic priests of the Society of St. Francis Xavier, who have dedicated their life to the service of their countrymen, regardless of community caste or creed, guided by the principle of “Love your Neighbour as Yourself” from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Agnel Ashram Fathers, who are involved in establishing the said Education Institution at Ambernath, are well known all over the country for their fervent patriotism, as well as, for their strong faith in socialism and secularism, as the most appropriate means for the right progress of the Country. Rev. Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues, the Founder of Agnel Ashram, who left us in 1984 to join His Eternal Bliss, was a prominent freedom fighter in the Goa Liberation Struggle. He established Orphanages, Technical Education Institutions and other Education Centres in Goa, Maharashtra and Delhi.

Fr. C. Rodrigues is well known for his active contribution to the framing of the national policies to curb the anti-national activities and foreign domination brought about through various funding agencies. Trained and brought up in the perspective of these ideologies, Agnel Ashram Fathers endeavour to inculcate the same spirit in the students, under their care, together with high standard of academic, practical and job-oriented education.

Kind of education we impart

Commitment to the holistic development of the child for fostering academic excellence is our main objective. High standards of academic education is provided to each student, by using appropriate and modern teaching aids and equipments, including computers, etc. In order to achieve a complete formation and all-round progress of the pupil, together with high level academic achievement, special care is taken, to give them all facilities to come out with the full blossoming of their talents in Music, Dancing, Public Speaking, Dramatics, Sports, Arts and Handicrafts. The School has a Girl Guide and Scout Unit too.

The task of imbibing in each student, the qualities of patriotism, honesty, a secular and social outlook of life, conducive to make of him/her a citizen enlightened with knowledge and wisdom, is the back-bone and spirit permeating through all our activities and endeavours in the education field.