Sports and Academics in Agnels are like two sides of a coin. Right from the inception of the school sporting activities have been encouraged and organized with great zest and enthusiasm. Children are offered opportunities to experience and discover their sporting talents. This happens through summer coaching camps held after the final examinations for a period of three weeks. During these camps hundreds of students (III – IX) get introduced to the skills and nuances of almost all the major sports disciplines.

Besides camps, regular training under the guidance of expert coaches is available for sports enthusiasts, in Athletics, Football, Hockey, Skating and Table tennis.

The school teams participate in several tournaments organized by the sports department and others.

Camps and Picnics

Camps, picnics and educational tours are regular annual events which not only provide thrilling excitement and joy to children but they also play a major role in broadening their vision and outlook, in forming and nurturing a positive self image, in training to accept and shoulder responsibility and in inculcating values like sharing, caring and empathizing.

While all the students from Nursery to Std. VII go for class picnics, Std. VIII onwards go for overnight camps and educational visits. During vacations, children from Std. V onwards are taken every year to various parts of incredible India and abroad. These tours are optional and for children who enroll for them.

Extra-curricular Activities

As 'all round development of children' is the main objective of our mission, extracurricular activities in school are painstakingly planned and executed to nurture the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth of children. Right from the pre-primary section, ample opportunities are provided (both inside and outside the school premises) for children to discover, hone and perfect their budding skills and talents in art & craft, music, dance, dramatics, sports, public speaking, quizzing, leadership and effective communication.